Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Russian pharmaceuticals retail chain segment evaluation, both on the level of the state and in particular regions. Pharmacy chains development forecast


Product sales and separate market development forecast, based on unique mathematical models

Business and marketing plan development

Development of detailed business-plans, required to evaluate the reasonability of project start

Search of partners for contract production in Russia

Potential partners search and evaluation, based on their technical opportunities, appropriate experience, and reputation

Monitoring of import substitution

assessment of the main trends of import substitution policies and localization processes in the pharmaceutical market in Russia, the key beneficiaries and companies at risk


3/26/2018 RNC Pharma Database Update: Pharmaceutical Drug Production in Russia (February 2018)

Between January and February 2018, Russian manufacturers dispatched 46.9 bln RUB worth of pharmaceutical drugs (dispatch prices, VAT included), which is in monetary terms 1.3% lower than that of the same period of 2017. In physical terms, Russia produced nearly 670 units of drugs, which is 4.9% lower than that of the same period of 2017. The production of over-the-counter drugs has fallen by 9.5%, while the Rx category has a 3.8% growth.

3/6/2018 Rating of Russian Pharmaceutical Distributors (2017)

The begging of 2018 was quite eventful for the Russian pharmaceutical wholesale. First, the bankruptcy process of Rosta started in January, with a rather high level of debt overburden for the pharmaceutical retail, which is estimated to be 10-11% of the annual volume of the retail market by Protek. So, the external prosperity of wholesale companies (by the end of 2017, only 4 out of the 15 largest companies has had their market share reduced) can be replaced by a recession at any moment.

3/1/2018 Database Update: Pharmaceutical Drug Production in Russia (January 2018)

The new year for the Russian pharmaceutical industry did not start that well. In January, Russia dispatched 22 bln RUB worth of pharmaceuticals (dispatch prices, VAT included) to the market, which is in monetary terms 3.4% lower than that of January 2017. The growth rates in physical terms are even worse, with a 7.2% decline and 0.29 bln units. The decline was largely due to over-the-counter drugs, with a 13% decline over the year. The dispatch of the Rx category has risen by 4%, though.

2/22/2018 2017 Rating of Russian Pharmacy Chains

At the beginning of the year, pharmaceutical drug sale in non-pharmaceutical stores was once again one of the central topics for the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The industry professionals made an unambiguous assessment of the initiative, which could have called it quits. However, the regulators had other ideas. In December 2017, a draft federal law was submitted for public discussion.

6/5/2015 Localization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

On June 30, 2015, a pharmaceutical conference “Localization in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, hosted by The Moscow Times, will take place in the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow (3 Okhotny Ryad). The official media partner is the analytical company RNC Pharma...

6/4/2015 Customs Brokers Clear 75% of Imported Pharmaceutical Drugs

Rating of customs brokers clearing pharmaceutical drugs for import to Russia (January – April 2015)...

5/29/2015 Update on Russian Import of Pharmaceutical Drugs (April 2015)

In April 2015, the Russian import of ready-made pharmaceutical drugs started to decrease, which is characteristic of that time of the year, but this year, it began a month earlier than usual. The volume of import fell by 14%, compared to March. In absolute terms, Russia imported 30.6 mln RUR worth of pharmaceutical drugs in April. In physical terms, the volume of import has decreased by 16% over the past year, which is also a sign of a downward trend...

5/22/2015 Rating of Banks Performing Payment Transactions of Russian Import of Pharmaceutical Drugs (Q1 2015)

Nearly 70 banks perform payment transactions of the import of pharmaceutical drugs to Russia, with the top-5 banks performing 69.4% of all the transactions made in the first quarter of 2015...

5/20/2015 Rating of Russian Retail Pharmacies (Q1 2015)

The beginning of the year for retail pharmacies was not only highlighted by further development of the economic crisis, demand fluctuation and a number of regulatory initiatives...

5/5/2015 RNC Pharma Updates Info on Russian Import of Pharmaceutical Drugs (March 2015)

In March 2015, the volume of the Russian import of ready-made pharmaceutical drugs remained almost the same and amounted to 35.4 bln RUR. Over the year, the import expenditures has risen by 12%. However, the actual volume of import is decreasing, compared to March 2014, as it has fallen by 1.1% over the year...