Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Russian pharmaceuticals retail chain segment evaluation, both on the level of the state and in particular regions. Pharmacy chains development forecast


Product sales and separate market development forecast, based on unique mathematical models

Business and marketing plan development

Development of detailed business-plans, required to evaluate the reasonability of project start

Search of partners for contract production in Russia

Potential partners search and evaluation, based on their technical opportunities, appropriate experience, and reputation

Monitoring of import substitution

assessment of the main trends of import substitution policies and localization processes in the pharmaceutical market in Russia, the key beneficiaries and companies at risk

News, archive: May 2017

5/31/2017 Rating of Russian Pharmaceutical Distributors (Q1 2017)

At the beginning of 2017, the Russian wholesale trade of pharmaceutical drugs witnessed a lot various transactions. The investors were mainly distributors, and they usually invested in the production segment, and not only in the production of pharmaceutical drugs. These companies are three, and there are not only the top five companies, but also smaller companies. On the one hand, this is an obvious consequence of the rather low level of profitability of the core activities of wholesale companies and the desire to reverse this trend through business diversification. On the other hand, this is a consequence of the accumulation of a certain amount of free resources and, at the same time, the availability of assets on the market. In the post-crisis conditions, these assets are sold at quite attractive prices.

5/19/2017 Rating of Russian Retail Pharmacies (Q1 2017)

On the one hand, the positive trends of 2016 are strengthening – the demand for pharmaceutical drugs is slowly recovering both as a result of the growing consumption and consumers’ desire to buy more expensive pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, the current positive dynamics are nothing more than a pleasant fact which cannot help the quantitative and qualitative development of the Russian pharmaceutical retail.

5/19/2017 Database Update: Pharmaceutical Drug Import to Russia (April 2017)

In April 2017, importers of ready-made drugs followed the season’s trends, with the import dropping to 40.8 bln RUB (free circulation prices.) However, the long-term dynamics amounted to 15% in monetary terms. Between January and April, Russia imported 154.3 bln RUB worth of ready-made drugs, which is only around 11% higher than that of the same period of 2016 (due to the poor February performance).

5/5/2017 Dispatch Volumes of Pharmaceutical Drugs from Russian Manufacturers (March 2017)

Between January and March 2017, Russian manufacturers produced and dispatched 75.3 bln RUB worth of pharmaceutical drugs (dispatch prices, VAT included), which is in monetary terms 24.3% higher than that of the same period of 2016. In physical terms, the dispatch volume amounted to 1.2 bln units, which is 14.3% higher than that of the same period of 2016.