Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Russian pharmaceuticals retail chain segment evaluation, both on the level of the state and in particular regions. Pharmacy chains development forecast


Product sales and separate market development forecast, based on unique mathematical models

Business and marketing plan development

Development of detailed business-plans, required to evaluate the reasonability of project start

Search of partners for contract production in Russia

Potential partners search and evaluation, based on their technical opportunities, appropriate experience, and reputation

Monitoring of import substitution

assessment of the main trends of import substitution policies and localization processes in the pharmaceutical market in Russia, the key beneficiaries and companies at risk

Most charming and powerful - 2

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the second part of presentation we sum up the following nominations:

  • - the most influential local production pharmaceutical company,
  • - the most influential foreign production pharmaceutical company,
  • - the most influential distribution company,
  • - the most influential pharmacy chain,
  • - the most influential entrepreneurs, managers of commercial structures,
  • - the most influential professional non-profit organizations/associations

The most serious reshuffle occurred among the most influential entrepreneurs and pharmacy chains in the group. And if, in case of pharmacy chains, struggle is mainly for second and third place and the leader remains stable (A.V.E Group), the level of rotation among people is far more significant. It is enough to mention, that the first place in this year took Alexey Repik ("R-Pharm" chairman). Last year’s leader Viktor Haritonin (Chairman, Executive Director of JSC "Pharmstandard") takes now only 7th place.

"Quatrain" still is a leader among distributors, but the situation in foreign and local pharmaceutical producers group is every year more and more complicated. At least because most of the foreign companies in the top ten have their own production facilities in our country, and a significant part of Russian players are owned by foreign shareholders. However, "Pharmstandard" and "Bayer Helsker." Still are the leaders of the year.

Second part of the project detailed results were published in the newspaper "Pharmaceutical Reporter» №6 on February 24, 2015. The first part of the report, is available in №5, February 17, 2015