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Pharmacy chains activity analysis

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Study by RNC Pharma and Medvestnik: 4% of Russian Doctors Would Not Want More Time for Patients

Friday, June 17, 2022

Various patient organizations have repeatedly said that a standard doctor’s appointment should be longer. At the same time, 59.2% of Russian doctors would spend this additional time for “physical examinations and direct questioning”, according to a survey conducted by the RNC Pharma analyst company and the Medvestnik platform for doctors. Another 20% of the respondents would like to spend this time to “deal with medical records without hurry.” All that shows that the current standards do not allow doctors enough time both for the required administrative procedures and physical examinations.

With around 14% of the physicians hoping to devote this bonus time to self-education, 7.3% would consult more with colleagues, especially in difficult cases, and 6.8% would like to use the time to train.

Yet, only 2.3% of the respondents are completely satisfied with the current standards. Another 1.8%, in case the examination time was extended, would simply see more patients per shift, which clearly shows that they are not entirely okay with the existing standards. However, more than a third of the physicians who chose these answers works in private medical institutions.

Notably, no significant differences in terms of geography were found in the course of the study, meaning that these problems exist in the whole country.

How would you manage your time for patients if it was extended? (single-answer question)