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Pharmacy chains activity analysis

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Non-system-forming list

Monday, February 9, 2015

On the 8 of February 2015, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia published “The list of system-forming organizations”, who could get state support in times of crisis. Out of 199 companies included to the list only 7 are related to the pharmaceutical market. There are just 5 production companies: Open Joint Stock Company “Biosynthesis”, Federal State Unitary “Enterprise”, NPO “Microgen”, OJSC “Synthesis”, OJSC “Pharmstandart” and Closed Joint Stock Company “Binnopharm”. Overall annual volume of medical products output of these companies is 23,8% of the Russia total. With that, all above mentioned companies, excluding Binnopharm, are in top-10 by production volume.

Only two vaccine production companies will get the governmental support: NPO “Microgen” and “Binnopharm”. It is remarkable, that other major manufacturers, such as “Petrovax”, “Poliomyelitis and Virus Encephalitis Institute, named after M.P. Chumakov”, “St. Petersburg’s Vaccine and Serum Scientific Research Institute” could not count on the governmental support.

Only 3 pharmaceutical companies in the list produce pharmaceutical substances (OJSC “Biosynthesis”, OJSC “Synthesis”, OJSC “Pharmstandart”). However, in contrast to the finished medical products manufacturers, these companies take not more than 0,4% of the whole pharmaceutical substances volume, produced in Russia.

Among retail companies, only two can count on state support: OJSC “Aptechnaya set 36.6” (most likely the successor company is ment, “A.V.E. Group” chain) and OJSC “Protek” (“Rigla” pharmacy chain). Their summary market share is not more than 6%.

Thus, the governmental support in the pharmaceutical market is directed primarily to finished medical products manufacturers. At the same time it should be noted, that a place in the list still does not guarantee to a company any preferences.